Vantage Point Sales Plan
Selling is how you drive growth for your company and a sales plan is how you get there.

It goes hand-in-hand with the marketing plan and companies tend to falter when they don’t fund sales and marketing activities sufficiently.


Gaining maximum revenue from your selling efforts

Sales shouldn’t be a mystery
These are some of the common issues you may be experiencing with Sales:

  • Sales are down and you don’t know why.

  • Hiring more reps doesn’t bring a corresponding increase in revenue.

  • Sales reps are often reacting to incoming calls instead of proactively looking for new customers.

  • Your sales reps have good selling skills but lack the technical knowledge to succeed.

  • You never seem to be prepared when the market slows down.

Superior selling can be achieved
These are the components Vantage Point Sales that will help you deal with issues related to Sales:

Sales Training
Training staff in interpersonal skills and selling skills to help them meet their targets and take care of their customers.

Sales Tools
Providing valuable product information, software programs and sales support to make it easier to sell your products.

Performing hands-on coaching in the field one-on-one, or in group sessions.

Developing sales targets, compensation plans and reporting systems to ensure company and individual goals are being met.

Interim Sales Management
Filling management positions on an interim basis until alternatives become available.

Sales Assessment
Conducting a full assessment of your current sales function and making recommendations for change.
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