Vantage Point Marketing Plan
The 4Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) are equal elements of a successful marketing plan.

Putting little or no effort into one or more of the 4Ps is the root cause of not meeting company objectives.


Managing your product/service line and promoting it effectively

Marketing is more than just selling and advertising
These are some of the common issues you may be experiencing with Marketing:

  • You consider marketing to be an overhead cost and you don’t understand the value it brings to your company.

  • Your product literature and web site don’t reflect the true value of your products and services.

  • There are some gaps in the way your products and services are being managed, therefore you are not meeting customers’ expectations or you’re falling behind your competitors.

  • The rate of return from promotions is far too low compared to the cost and effort.

  • You have many more projects to get done than you have people to work on them.

Use marketing to your advantage
These are the components of Vantage Point Marketing that with help you deal with issues related to Marketing:

Marketing Plan
Writing a strategy that is very specific to your products and industry.

Product Management
Launching new products or managing new releases of existing products.

Company and Product Literature
Writing compelling company and product literature that customers will easily understand.

Web Site Content
Combining meaningful content with visually appealing graphics that portray a professional image.

Competitor Analysis
Identifying the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors thus allowing you to better position your products.

Promotion Strategies
Building awareness in the marketplace and obtaining qualified leads from promotion activities.

Interim Marketing Management
Filling management positions on an interim basis until alternatives become available.

Financial Forecasts
Building financial models based on company objectives, market opportunity, sales history and costs.

Marketing Assessment
Conducting a full assessment of your current Marketing function and making recommendations for change.
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