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A carefully thought out Business Plan is the road map to follow to become successful. It defines your purpose and how you will accomplish objectives.

The leaders in your marketplace continually re-evaluate themselves through Business Planning.

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Creating a road map for success

Planning is frequently overlooked
These are the common issues you may be experiencing with Business Planning:

  • There is frequent miscommunication among departments about the goals and direction of the company.

  • Bankers, investors or a potential acquirer ask to see your business plan and it is incomplete or hasn’t been updated in many years.

  • Your competitors always seem to have the edge and you are unable to take the leading position in the marketplace.

  • Your company has been successful for a number of years but just can’t seem to get to the next level.

Plan to become successful
Vantage Point Business Planning will provide your company with a professionally written business plan. Multiple versions of the same plan may be desirable, each of which will place a heavier emphasis on one or more sections aimed at its intended audience.

New Plan
For start-up companies trying to put their first business plan together.

Updated Plan
For companies that have a business plan that hasn’t been updated in a number of years.

Investor-focused Plan
A financially focused plan for companies seeking outside investors.

Market-driven Plan
Focuses on the marketplace and competitors and puts forth strategies to increase market penetration.

Internally Focused Plan
Meant to define a common approach and align internal departments to meet the goals of the company.

Plan Facilitation
Vantage Point will facilitate and manage the business planning process within your company.
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