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Vantage Point Business Development Plan
Business Development is selling through 3rd parties. This plan is different from a sales plan because partners are influenced by different factors than your sales team.

Failure to recognize the differences can damage the relationship and diminish revenue.
Information Business Development is closely associated with Account Management, Channel Sales, Alliance Partners
or Distributors.

VANTAGE POINT • Business Development

Growing through third party relationships

Partnerships need attention
These are the common issues you may be experiencing with Business Development:

  • You sign an agreement with a partner but nothing ever materializes.

  • Your channel partners react to inquiries about your products from customers, rather than promoting your products alongside theirs.

  • You sign a reciprocal agreement with a company but neither company is willing to make the first move in the market.

  • Your partner wants to market direct to your customers but you want to protect your list and the relationships with other partners.

  • Now that your partner program is having some success, you have channel conflict both inside and outside of your company.

Partnerships can be lucrative
These are the components of Vantage Point Business Development that with help you deal with issues related to Business Development:

Business Development Plan
Writing a strategy to obtain one or more third parties to become sellers of your products.

Channel Partner Program
Creating a single or multi tiered program with guidelines for partners to follow and providing incentives for results.

Channel Sales Training
Training third party Sales staff to sell your products more effectively.

Channel Sales Tools
Providing valuable product information, software programs and sales support.

Setting targets, compensation plans and reporting systems to ensure partners are producing favorable results.

Interim Channel Management
Filling management positions on an interim basis until alternatives become available.

Business Development Assessment
Conducting a full assessment of your current Business Development function and making recommendations for change.
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