Lee Mrkonjic

Lee Mrkonjic, Principal

Lee is a specialist in Sales and Marketing along with expertise in Business Development and Business Planning.

He has been in the technology industry for 35 years and has worked in several large corporations as well as small, entrepreneurial companies.

Lee brings a wealth of experience to clients and has a hands on approach to working on projects.


Vantage Point & Associates was founded in 2000 with a purpose of helping small- to medium-sized companies market and sell their products and services more effectively.

Business issues such as these drive what we do for clients:

  • Business owners and managers lose focus and become too absorbed in the day-to-day operations of the business. They don’t have a marketing and sales plan and when a revenue crisis occurs, it’s always a surprise.

  • A new product or idea never seems to catch on because there is no marketing and sales plan to back it up. There is a belief that the new product will sell itself and orders will suddenly appear

  • Revenue is stagnating or in decline with no marketing and sales plans to guide the company towards growth.

Vantage Point fills the void by offering professional services that build and execute tactical plans to move the company forward. This includes Business Planning, Marketing, Sales and Business Development.
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